President: Yan Jianlong

Northwest Research Institute of Engineering Investigations and Design, founded in 1952, is the earliest and largest grade I general consulting and research unit of investigations and design in the construction field in the northwest region, which is specialized in urban and rural planning, architectural design, geotechnical engineering investigations, foundation works, test, surveying and mapping as well as the prevention and control of geological disasters. It consists of 7 state-owned independent legal enterprises including Shaanxi Investigation Geotechnical Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Northwest Investigation Technical Consulting Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Northwest Investigation Works Testing Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Anxin Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Jianxi Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Western Investigation Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shaanxi West Investigation Smart Parking Management Co., Ltd. It sets up 17 foreign institutions throughout the country. The institute has been awarded with titles of honor below: "The National Advanced Enterprise of Engineering Survey and Design", "The National Advanced Unit of Construction Systems", "The National Advanced Unit of Engineering Investigations", "The National Advanced Unit of Works Construction and Management", A "Key Enterprise of Foreign Aid Project Engineering Investigations" by the Ministry of Commerce, "Top Ten Independent Technological Innovation Enterprises" in the industry of China, "Top Ten Cultural Construction Advanced Units", "The National Integrity Unit of Engineering Investigations", National "Contracted and Integrity" Enterprise, "An Advanced Unit in Shaanxi Province", A "Contracted and Integrity" Enterprise in Shaanxi Province and A "MAM Level Credit Rating Enterprise", etc.

There are more than 800 employees in the institutes, of which each kind of professional technicians accounts for over 90%, including 2 national engineering survey designers, 5 experts who make outstanding contributions to the state and province,2 chartered builders of building, 6 experts who enjoy government special subsidies, 11 excellent provincial survey designers, 37 professor senior engineers, 100 senior engineers and 160 national registered engineers. The institute wins 64 qualifications, for example, general engineering investigation class A qualification, architectural design class A qualification, urban and rural planning class A qualification, surveying and mapping class A qualification, geological disaster risk evaluation class A qualification, geological disaster prevention and control works investigation, design and construction class A qualification, hydrogeology, engineering geology and environmental geology survey class A qualification, foundation works construction level I and drawings review qualifications, etc.

The institute is one of units that early pass through the quality control, environmental management and occupational health and safety management "three systems" certifications. It has ever assumed over 30,000 national defenses, all industrial and civil building projects, over 300 key national projects and over 50 foreign aid projects. The institute has won over 200 national, ministerial and provincial excellent project awards and made over 30 achievements wining national, ministerial and provincial awards for scientific and technological advancement.

It is one of the major units that have national technical legislations in the survey design industry. The institute edited, attended the edition and reviewed more than 60 technical specification books and 6 national standard books; as well as over 30 technical works.  The institute set up 5 associations of this industry. We also build the long-term technical communications and cooperation relationship with the US, the UK, France, Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain and Russia countries, etc.

In order to make consecutive construction to the national economic construction and society progress. We provide excellent services to vast clients with strong technnology power, top talent group, perfect quality and well social reputation.