The institute of surveying and mapping is a unit with national class A surveying and mapping qualification. It also has the class A and B surveying and mapping qualification certificates of real estate registration, engineering survey, aerial photograph survey and remote sensing survey and geological information system engineering and so on, issued by the national surveying and mapping agency.

Scope of business includes: engineering surveying and mapping, real estate surveying and mapping, geological information system engineering, aerial photograph survey and remote sensing survey and the land planning and design and so on.

The institute of surveying and mapping currently has more than 120 employees wherein 5 professor level senior engineers, 7 national registered surveyors,15 senior engineers, and 71 professional engineers and technicians in survey, geophysical investigation, computer, geographical information, land management, agriculture and so on. It has complete production and management system, quality management system and management system of data and archive. It has been issued with the “three-system” authentication certificate of quality management, environment management and professional health (ISO-4001).

With advanced technology and excellent achievement, the nstitute of surveying and mapping has completed thousands of surveying and mapping projects and been awarded with more than 30 national and provincial excellent engineering prizes which established itsgood reputation in the industry.