Yan Jianlong

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Professor senior engineer

An expert that enjoys the special subsidy from the State Council.

An expert who makes outstanding contributions to Shaanxi Province

A top expert in key fields of Shaanxi Province

A model worker of the national housing and urban-rural construction system

A chartered Builder of Building (CIOB)

A visiting professor of China University of Geosciences

A part-time professor of Xi'an University of Technology

The vice-chairman of CEDA Geotechnical Committee

The vice chairman of Engineering Investigation Branch, Architectural Society of China

The deputy director of Rail Traffic Survey and Professional Measuring Committee, China Civil Engineering Society

The head of the northwest intelligence station of the National Construction Engineering Investigation Technical Information

A committee member of the Exploration Engineering Professional Committee, Geological Society of China

A standing director of China Association of Geological Hazard Prevention

The vice-president and secretary general of Shaanxi Province Reconnaissance and Design Association 


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