Xu Zhangjian

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Chief engineer

Professor senior engineer

The state-level candidate of "New Century Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project

One who enjoys the special subsidy from the State Council

An expert who makes outstanding contributions to Shaanxi Province

A chartered and registered civil engineer (geotechnical)

A member of the International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG)

A chartered Builder of Building (CIOB)

The standing director of Engineering Investigation Branch, Architectural Society of China

A member of the Engineering Reconnaissance Survey Committee of China Standardization Association

A standing director of Shaanxi Provincial Association of Youth Science and Technological Workers

A committee of Shaanxi Provincial Institution of Civil Construction

A committee of Shaanxi Provincial Geological Society

A committee of Shaanxi Provincial Association of Seismic Safety Evaluation Committee

An excellent reconnaissance designer in Shaanxi Province

A committee of Xi'an Construction Committee Engineering Survey Design Experts Association

A committee of Xi'an Provincial Geological Society 

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